The DUAAD (Davao United Association of Animators and Designers) is the official graphics design and animation group that champions the advancement of visual arts in all forms in Davao city. The group was born out of great desire to develop, uplift, promote, and improve the graphics and animation sector of the city.

The DUAAD is composed of Davao-based, Davao-trained and Davao-bred visual artists in all sorts - graphics and web designers, creative media practitioners and enthusiasts, animators for both web and TV, all amateurs to veterans, from freelancers to corporate magnates and private institutions. Its members desire to lead all Davao-based and visual arts events, advocacies and projects, as well as initiate other off-area endeavors to showcase the Davao talent to the rest of the visual arts community.


To be at the forefront of the development, proliferation and innovation of Graphics Design and Animation in Davao City.


To create and nurture a dynamic environment where visual artists and advocates can work in harmony on their craft's intensifications.


1. To promote the city of Davao as the most preferred destination by foreign employers seeking for creative services such as graphics & web design, and animation by developing talents and professionalizing the creative services;

2. To create a close-knit community for creative talents in Davao

2010-2012 Officers

Ray Rubio


Drei Boquerin

Internal VP

Bagane Fiola

External VP

Glenn Baratbate


Core Group

Kevin Samson

Jake Hernani

Clyde Mante

Ace Aguillar

Rap Meting

Ralph Casquejo

Cot Roxas

Atty. Sam Matunog

Legal Adviser

Partner Members

St.Dominic Jobs Academy

DUAAD is a Proud Member of